Novi AMS Single Sign On Integration

Step One: sending your Novi AMS URL ---> Send us your your homesite URL that is being run on Novi. 

Step Two: Login to your Novi Account and click into settings (circled in red below).

Step Three: Click into "SSO Clients" (underlined in red above.)

Step Four: "Add SSO Client" (Circled in red below).

Step Five: Name SSO Client (Ex. WebScribble SSO) in field one & Include Valid Re-Direct URLs in field two (Note, these should be separated by commas). The Three URL's are:https://sso.webscribble.local/api/oauth/code,, Feel free to copy and paste into the yellow field below. Note, there should be no spaces between commas, re-direct URL's- none!

Step 6: Save and close, which will generate your Client ID and Client Secret. 

Step 7: Share with us your Client ID (column 2) and Client Secret (Column 3). 

Step 8: Create a test username and password so we can test integration once it's completed.

Step 9: Send all this information our way! :)

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